Administrative Services

CREW Network understands that there isn’t always enough volunteer assistance at the local level to keep the chapter running at maximum efficiency or with uniform consistency.

CREW Network offers a wide range of professional services to assist chapter leaders with the day-to-day chapter operations. Let the CREW Network staff assist with logistics, so your chapter leaders can focus on the big picture mission.

Administrative services offered

  • Communications: send event notices, newsletters & other blast emails, maintain nonmember contact list
  • Events: set up online registration, collect event registrations, produce nametags and other onsite materials, provide post-event summary reports and post-event invoicing
  • Membership applications: collect/compile applications, review for completion and provide to chapter for review
  • Sponsorship: assist with sponsorship campaign; track commitments, payments, benefits
  • Website maintenance: make requested updates to chapter websites (websites must be hosted by CREW Network)
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The CREW Network Administrative Services Advantage

  • Insider advantage: As CREW Network employees, the administrative services staff are immersed in CREW Network policy, branding and are intimately involved in CREW Network’s events and initiatives.
  • Experienced, consistent staff: This experienced team has been serving chapters for many years. Working with this collaborative team provides your chapter access to a library of knowledge through recommendations based on what has (or has not) worked for other chapters in similar situations.
  • Affordable rate scale: The chapter services team is comprised of professionals who are trained to work specifically with chapters, using technology that has been developed for CREW. Each administrative services coordinator works with multiple chapters at once, enabling chapters to share the expense of an administrator.
  • Integration with CREW Network association management software (AMS): Want to see real-time attendee lists for your events? What about having the most current CREW Network news automatically post to your website? Wouldn’t it be nice if attendees could access and print receipts themselves? What if nonmember attendees were automatically added to email lists, so they receive future emails? It’s all possible.

Combination of Services


CREW Network offers these administrative services to support our chapter leaders and encourage the ongoing growth and success of the chapter. Since every chapter has different needs, sometimes varying even from year to year, CREW Network offers an “a la carte” menu of services which may be used in any combination.
While many of CREW Network's administrative systems were designed to work together to streamline processes and therefore compliment each other nicely when used in conjunction, most of the contracted services are not dependent on use of additional services. For example, a CREW chapter may choose for CREW Network to create and distribute email communication but handle website updates on their own.  Only a few of the services have prerequisites and restrictions as to the capacity for CREW Network to provide assistance. Using the prior scenario as an example, CREW Network would not be able to create and send emails for a chapter if CREW Network does not manage their email account.

Working With Local Administrators

If a chapter already has a local administrator handling specific tasks, such as board meeting minutes or handing out nametags at events, this can be a perfect complement to CREW Network contracted services. This dual-admin arrangement allows for local administrators to focus on in-person needs while CREW Network handles logistics unaffected by geography. The local admin can also be an asset to CREW Network, functioning as a main point of contact to collect information such as email edits and event specifics.  This minimizes the billable time used by CREW Network to gather these details and allows CREW Network to focus on the tasks behind those items: setting up online registration, updating website, answering registration questions, sending sponsor invoices, providing monthly financials, and more.

Contact CREW Network to go over basic chapter procedures and review how your chapter functions in certain scenarios.


Jenny Weissenbach
CREW Network Chapter/Membership Services Manager
+1 (785) 856-8274