Mentoring Modules

Leaders in commercial real estate frequently attest to the benefits of both mentoring others and being mentored

CREW Network’s mission is to transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally, and our highly-dedicated commercial real estate professionals are committed to supporting the career advancement of all who choose this profession.

To support mentors and protégés within CREW Network, we offer member mentoring modules with tools, tips and techniques for principle-based learning and productive follow-through. This resource is designed to guide CREW Network members and chapter leaders as they launch a successful and sustainable mentoring program.

CREW Network UCREW student being mentored

Goals of the member mentoring modules include:

  • Improve parity and diversity in a male-dominated industry

  • Build a talent pipeline for future female professionals in commercial real estate

  • Provide constructive feedback to support growth and success

  • Increase leadership and career development skills of CREW Network leaders and members

Access the Modules

Please note that the CREW Network Mentor Modules are available exclusively to CREW Network members and chapters, and cannot be altered or repurposed outside of this intended use. 

CREW Network Mentor Modules are funded in part by the CREW Network Foundation.

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Sarah Clopton
CREW Network Chief Learning Officer
+1 (785) 856-8262