CREW Community Surrounds Houston

August 29, 2017
Written by: Wendy Mann, CAE, CREW Network CEO

When Hurricane Harvey began twisting his way toward Texas, I was hopeful that it would not be as bad as the weather reports.  I figured the reports always seem a bit more terrible than they turn out to be. I guess I wanted to believe that the fabulous city of Houston, the beautiful coastal areas around Galveston and Goat Island, would be spared a truly devastating storm. In hindsight, I see my hopefulness was to no avail. 

Houston has been hit hard and continues to bear the brunt of Harvey’s rainfall. We have been in touch with the CREW Houston chapter throughout the storm. Many of them have been spared the flooding so far. According to CREW Houston Chapter President Susan Hill, “Harvey's impact on the Houston/Galveston area should continue to decline over the next day or so with the system essentially gone from our area by late Wednesday.”  You can read more of Susan’s message in the CREW Network Open Forum community.

It has been heartwarming to receive so many emails and calls from all over North America from CREW chapters inquiring about CREW Houston members and asking how they can help. CREW Network members are truly kind and thoughtful  I’m touched by your generosity and willingness to pitch in. 

I’ve heard:  “we are worried about our CREW Houston colleagues…we have resources—how can we help?”   And we’ve been asked repeatedly “How are our CREW Houston members faring?  Have you spoken to them?”


In our industry, we understand the word community. We are builders of community. We are sustainers of community. I have no doubt that the Houston community understands the meaning of it as well.  We’ve seen the visuals and stories of how the community has united to help one another. There have been many stories of heroics throughout the last few days. There will be many more that come out in the days ahead.  Essentially, community is always there, but never more than when there’s a crisis. 

Here at CREW Network, we understand and believe in community. Our Network is the community that lends a hand, provides support and connects with one another through good times and bad.  We build community, we bring community and we are here for you Houston. 

For those of you asking about the upcoming CREW Network Convention and Marketplace in Houston, I will leave you with Susan’s words“Please spread the word that the convention will unequivocally go on as planned. The convention hotel has reported no water intrusion and no problems with power. We look forward to seeing everyone in October and know this will be one of the best conventions yet!”

The spirit of Texas is alive and well come “heck” or highwater. As Susan said, “God Bless Houston.” 


Wendy Mann is the chief executive officer of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network and president of the CREW Network Foundation.

Twitter: @crew_wendym

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