Bring Your A Game

January 30, 2020
Written by: Wendy Mann, CAE, CREW Network CEO

Christine Gorham

Growing up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, I was an athlete to the extent that I was always participating in a sport. Whatever season it was, I found a sport to play. You name the team and I was on it—volleyball, tennis and basketball. I ice skated, golfed, danced, downhill skied, played two-hand touch football with friends, marched in band competitions twirling rifles—all were part of my great high school experiences. Heck, I even won first place in my class's field-goal kicking contest on field day in middle school! I had the choice to try any sport I wanted to try, so I did. 

I loved sports and being part of a team working toward a common goal. I found my joy in the comradery and competition. Doing my very best was a given. I was maybe not the best player on the team, but I was competitive and never a halfway girl. If I was going to try it, I was going all in. I brought my A game to every sport and every game.

Leaving the Winter Leadership Summit in Santa Clara, California, I felt this same level of comradery and “all in” attitude. Gathering our CREW Network leaders and those interested in building their A game gave our network of amazing women and men in commercial real estate an opportunity to learn new skills, discuss potential business and connect with one another. 

The energy from these A game leaders was palpable throughout the summit. The discussions and information exchange were from executives aspiring to connect and grow. The inspiration that these leaders walked away with was priceless!

I saw and heard your A game loud and clear. You experienced the comradery of CREW leaders. You expressed your commitment to building your A game through your engagement.  You embraced the opportunity to be part of our team of leaders and expand our community of women executives in the commercial real estate industry. Wow! All of that in three days. 

CREW Network board of directors at Levi Stadium

2020 CREW Network and CREW Silicon Valley board of directors networking dinner, Jan. 22 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. 

As I reflect on my experience playing sports, I feel that same team energy among CREW Network leaders. I know that our team is inclusive of all members that strive to build their A game—to leverage the new skills learned at both work and in your chapter role. 

Your team is my team. We are all on the same team working toward a common goal: greater opportunities for women in commercial real estate, increased sponsorship of women in their companies, and more women in C-suite roles. To get there, we all must bring our A game—every moment of every day. 

In the words of my favorite college football coach, Dabo Swinney (yes, I am a diehard Clemson fan): “To be an overachiever you have to be an over-believer.” I believe in CREW and I believe you. Join us in 2020 to be part of the CREW Network team and #bringyourAgame!

Christine Gorham, CCIM
2020 CREW Network President

Christine Gorham, CCIM
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