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March 29, 2021
Written by: Tiffany English, 2021 CREW Network President

CREW Network Presidents, past and present (l-r): Holly Neber (2019), Christine Gorham (2020) and Tiffany English (2021)

Some of you know that I never dreamed of being an architect—yet here I am. In the same vein, I never imagined I would be leading a global organization of women in commercial real estate—yet here I am. 

The idea of CREW leadership first captured my imagination when I joined CREW Sacramento. I was so proud of the way women leaders in the market pulled together to create a chapter. It continues to amaze me how powerful it is to have a circle of industry peers to give and get business deals, as well as support and collaborate with one another. 

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” I have never been more certain of a mantra than this one. Over many years and a move to San Diego, I observed, learned and developed my leadership skills. I engaged and participated in my chapter and contributed my expertise through committee work at the CREW Network level.

At one point, I had an internal debate with myself: Am I ready for CREW Network leadership?  Do I have the capability? Do I understand the role? Finally, I threw my hat in the ring (so to speak). I asked a colleague in my chapter to nominate me. I was giving myself the chance to grow in my leadership and contribute to the organization that had made such a difference in my career. 

Well, I didn’t get selected the first time I was nominated. I waited a year and then decided to go ahead and ask a delegate to nominate me again. Truthfully, it was tough to take that rejection the first time around. But I realized that each year is different, and the organization has different needs and requires different perspectives and expertise. So, I tried again. 

When I was selected in 2018, I was thrilled and convinced more than ever that things happen when you put yourself out there. Don’t wait for someone to validate you. Validate that you are competent and ready to serve.

If you are interested and would like insight into CREW Network board service, please join us on April 8 at 1 p.m. Central for a Virtual Conversation Corner to learn more.

I am so honored to be serving as 2021 CREW Network President. I would not be here if I had not taken the chance to put myself in the mix. We need great leaders, strategic thinkers and thoughtful contributors. If you think you have what CREW Network needs, get yourself nominated. You can do it, just like I did.


Tiffany English

Tiffany English is Principal at the San Diego office for Ware Malcomb and 2021 CREW Network President.

Twitter: @tslipka

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