It’s Time to Give Credit Where Credit is Due

March 16, 2021
Written by: Alison Beddard, 2017 CREW Network President

(l-r): 2019 Recognition Committee Chair Vicky Gunning, Career Advancement for Women Impact Award Honoree Quinn Texmo, and CREW Network CEO Wendy Mann at the 2019 CREW Network Convention.

It’s that time of year—awards season. First up is the Golden Globes, then the Emmys, followed by the Grammys, and of course, the pinnacle of awards for the movie industry—the Oscars. It seems like an endless time of honoring acting and music. I have never been a big fan of awards season, but I am a great fan of giving credit where credit is due.

For me, credit is due to women leading the commercial real estate industry. That’s right, you.  I’m talking about you... the one that closed a big deal, the individual who developed an innovative idea for the industry or your company, the person who contributed to the career success of others—yes, I’m talking about you. 

Now, do not go all humble on me. Take a moment to think about the past year. Unbelievable, right? Just like all the glamorous award shows, CREW Network members have been impacted by COVID. You likely have amazing stories to tell about your accomplishments during an extra challenging year. Or maybe you know someone who has done something unique given the circumstances of the pandemic. 

We celebrate women in commercial real estate to elevate the greatness achieved by our members. As chair of the Recognition Committee this year, I encourage you to take a moment and think about a colleague or fellow CREW member who deserves to be recognized for one of our Impact Awards.

I’m delighted to announce a brand-new award this year, the Rising Star Impact Award. This award recognizes a member who has been in the industry for at least three and no more than eight years and has served as a volunteer and contributor to CREW Network.

Last year, we introduced the CREW Catalyst Award to recognize executive industry leaders who have made an impact in advancing women in their company and the industry. There are allies and advocates in our industry who deserve the accolade of being our next CREW Catalyst Awardee. I’m counting on you to bring them forward through your nominations.

While our Impact Awards and CREW Catalyst Award may not have the glamour of the Oscars, they are no less important to the industry to see those individuals who are leading diversity and inclusion, impacting the talent pipeline, and building communities. In this season of celebration, let’s elevate our members to celebrity status to recognize their impact and achievements. Make your nominations today.


Alison BeddardAlison Beddard is Managing Principal of Washington with Cushman & Wakefield. She is Chair of the CREW Network Recognition Committee and a CREW Network Past President (2017).

Twitter: @AlisonBeddard

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