Our New Bold, Brilliant Brand

September 27, 2019
Written by: Wendy Mann, CAE, CREW Network CEO

What do you think of when you hear “magically delicious?” Or “good to the last drop?” Or “just do it?”

You immediately know the brand they represent.  You might even taste the Lucky Charms or feel the sweat of a good workout in your Nike gear. 

These brands are memorable because of the imagery they represent as well as the slogans that get stuck in our heads. Brand is not about the look of a logo or the words; it’s about how the brand makes you feel. Don’t you just melt upon seeing the Folgers commercial when the son arrives home in the early hours of the morning for the Christmas holiday? You feel the chill of the snow, the warmth of the house and the smell of the coffee—and yes, the love of the mother coming down to greet him. The brand tells the story. 

At our CREW Network Convention today, we honored our 30-year history and celebrated our success.  We unveiled a new brand and logo to tell our story and carry us into the future.  We have spent countless hours with many voices at the table talking about who we are as an organization and how we want to be known in the industry.  We discussed how members feel about CREW Network. 

Brand is how you feel and the logo is the visual identity.  It establishes our brand moving into the future as a bold and forward-thinking organization leading women—and the industry—into a new day of diversity, inclusion and equity in commercial real estate.

And what does that future look like? 

  • We will grow our membership. Not only are we a compelling organization, but a movement of women and men who are prepared to bring equity and inclusion to commercial real estate. 

  • We will expand our influence to the highest levels of commercial real estate companies.  With us, they will grow, flourish and meet clients’ needs with a diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • And we will have an impact on the industry through our talented and connected members.  Each of you plays a part in taking this movement to the next level. 

This fresh look and new visual identity represents the bold organization we are. It’s modern, polished and sophisticated.  It is business and prominence rolled into one.  This logo will stand out as a statement of our intentional commitment to transform the commercial real estate industry—to lift girls and women to the highest levels of leadership. 

Every brand identity tells a story. Let me tell you ours. The modern design and type font of our logo are clean and simple—the words stand out. The black and gold colors are sophisticated and powerful—just as CREW Network has been throughout our history and will be going forward.

The arrow, our brand “mark,” represents the fact that CREW Network is driving transformation in the industry.  Our movement is advancing—moving women forward, companies forward and business deals forward.

The style of the arrow mark is very modern, flowing with movement. If you think about it, the sloping lines represent the individual journey that each of you are on when you join CREW.  You determine how you move through your CREW Network experience to get to the endpoint—your success. And your success is unique to you; the outcomes you want, the business deals you make, and the choices you have for your career and life. This arrow, our brand mark, respects that each of you build your unique journey as you engage and experience all that CREW Network has to offer. 

CREW Network is vibrant.  We advance leadership. We support success and equity for all.  We will be the organization that companies and organizations want to partner with. Be part of our bold movement of 12,000 members transforming the industry. We are ready to soar!



Wendy Mann, CAE

Wendy Mann is the chief executive officer of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network and president of the CREW Network Foundation.

Twitter: @crew_wendym


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