Nancy Guyton and Cape Fear CREW

August 16, 2016
Written by: Dimple Mehta, Toronto CREW

Nancy M. Guyton is Of Counsel with Morgan & Carter, PLLC, in Wilmington, N.C., where she focuses on commercial real estate transactions and corporate and business law. Nancy, a member of Cape Fear CREW, is known for her tagline “commit to CREW” and truly believes in business referrals through CREW. She is a driving force keeping members engaged and doing business together.

Nancy always comes to CREW first to find members who can help close a transaction. Nancy has done over a dozen deals with Cape Fear CREW members. “I refer whenever I have an opportunity — that is my philosophy,” she said.

In the summer of 2014, Nancy had a client who wanted to purchase a veterinary practice for $1.6 million. The sellers in the transaction were not happy with their original attorney, so Nancy referred them to Cape Fear CREW member Ann Stuart for representation.

The buyer client had a pre-commitment letter that fell apart approximately 45 days before closing, so Nancy referred her to Faranak Hartwick of PNC Bank. PNC offered a special program for medical practices which included veterinary practices; Faranak passed it along to fellow colleague and Cape Fear CREW member Danielle Clark, who was able to gain not only the buyer’s loan and business and personal accounts, but also the seller’s accounts.

The buyer was purchasing the business, not the real estate, so there were new lease negotiations that had to be done by Nancy for the buyer to assume the property under a lease. Also, since the buyer was purchasing a business that was operational with 18 employees, the buyer was faced with needing coverage for all types of insurance, including property, liability and health. Once again, Nancy referred another Cape Fear CREW member, Cheryl Nabell, with Griffin Estep.

Every professional who played a part in this transaction was a Cape Fear CREW member, and both the buyer and the seller were women … it was a 100 percent all-woman transaction. This is what CREW Network is all about — empowering women in commercial real estate to excel and succeed in every aspect of our industry.

Cape Fear CREW members involved in the deal:

  • Nancy M. Guyton, Attorney, Morgan & Carter, PLLC
  • Danielle Clark, Business Banker, AVP, PNC Bank
  • Faranak Hartwick, PNC Bank
  • Cheryl S. Nabell, JJ Wade and Associates
  • Ann H Stuart, Attorney at Law, Brooks Pierce Law Firm

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Dimple MehtaDimple Mehta is Manager of Corporate Real Estate-Global Portfolio Strategy at Royal Bank of Canada. She is a member of the Toronto CREW board of directors and sits on the CREW Network Communication and Editorial Committee.


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