It's All About the Dollars... and the Change!

November 20, 2016
Written by: Diana Robinson, CREW Atlanta
CREW Network Foundation Women of Vision at the 2016 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace.

Unconscious bias, how men perceive
Women in leadership, and maternity leave,
Hitting the glass ceiling, trapped by a sticky floor,
Still waiting outside opportunity’s door?
Discouraged? Disenfranchised? Defeated by your plight?
Shake off those feelings, it’s time to set things right!

Have you read about women in the workplace lately? If so, you’ve probably read about one of many challenges facing women — the wage gap, gender bias, work-life balance and harassment in the workplace. Thankfully, women are not where they used to be, yet the roots of skewed ideas about pay, performance and perception, run deep in the minds of men and women and continue to choke out realization of the kind of progress women deserve.

The Setback

Conduct an internet search on what universities are studying, and you will begin seeing trends regarding:

Resumes ...

“The resumes for Jane and James, with the exception of their names, were identical and presented to hiring managers as candidates to fill their open positions...” The results showing what happened next have been repeated time and time again. Feedback regarding James was held to a different standard than Jane, and the wage gap lived on.

Performance ...

“Ann and Andy graduated from the same school, with the same degree. They worked the same number of hours, and did the same type of job...” From the start of their careers, a gap existed in their wages, and over time, Andy has been repeatedly promoted based on potential, while Ann’s promotions have been based on performance, supporting the findings that women start from a different position and never catch up.

Work-Life Balance ...

“When Marie returned from maternity leave, she felt she had been hit with the ‘motherhood penalty.’ She felt out of touch with her co-workers, and could no longer work excessive hours to meet the demands and the expectations placed upon her by her employer. Additionally, Marie was feeling a lack of support on the homefront, needing to choose between work and family, and being impacted financially by the cost of childcare...”

The Setup

While a plethora of rhetoric exists about what is happening and what needs to be done to correct it, the questions every person – men and women alike – need to answer are, “What is the future we want to pave for women, and are we willing to follow our passion financially to achieve our desired results?” Thankfully, organizations like CREW Network are at the forefront of the movement toward workplace equality in the commercial real estate industry. Founded in 1988, CREW Network Foundation is the philanthropic arm of CREW Network that dedicates its resources solely toward advancing women. By offering scholarships to university-level students, conducting industry research that is helping to close the compensation and advancement gap, and providing career outreach that increases awareness of the rewarding and lucrative opportunities that exist, CREW Network Foundation is fulfilling its mission to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women.

The Comeback

In his book, A Setback Is a Setup for a Comeback, Willie Jolley says, “In every life there comes a time, a minute when you must decide to stand up and live your dreams. In that minute of decision, you must grasp the vision and seize the power that lies deep inside of you. Then you will see that that all things are truly possible if you can just believe.”

On Giving Tuesday, and in the days to come, I believe we will see with fresh eyes the valuable work of CREW Network Foundation and its initiatives, lend our voices as catalysts for workplace change, and give financially to advance the mission and thereby influence the success of women. Every donation – no matter the size – is especially meaningful as CNF continues to transform lives. A little becomes a lot when we realize that even our change can change lives and leave a lasting legacy that will continue to positively impact generations of women yet unborn. And perhaps one day they will read ...

“Sally raises her hand and takes on the assignments that no one else on the team will. Her manager depends on her and repeatedly shares how valuable Sally is to the team. Sally feels it is time for her value to reap a financial reward, but she’s not sure how to broach the subject with her boss...” Because of CREW Network’s important industry research and leadership programs, this example has a different ending – one of victory for all.

Donate now and give until it feels great!


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Diana Robinson is an Associate Project Manager with Colliers International – Atlanta, LLC’s Project Management Team where she manages office build outs, renovations, re-stacks and relocations for projects in the 5,000 – 15,000 SF range, and specializes in Move Management services for projects of all sizes. A member of CREW Atlanta since 2011, she serves as the Chapter’s Co-Chair of Membership, as well as a member of CREW Network’s Communications and Editorial Committee.