CREW Network Recognizes 2019 Impact Award Honorees

October 9, 2019
Written by: CREW Network


Contact: Laura Lewis, CREW Network

Lawrence, Kansas, USA (October 9, 2019) – CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Network recognized excellence and achievement in commercial real estate by honoring four members as 2019 Impact Award winners on September 26 and 27 at the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace in Orlando, Florida. The industry-wide awards were presented in four categories, listed below with the 2019 honorees.

2019 Economic and Community Improvement Impact Award Honoree

Shelby Dodson
First Vice President, CBRE
CREW Upstate South Carolina

(l-r) Vicky Gunning, CREW Network Recognition Committee Chair; Shelby Dodson; Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO

Dodson started out as broker for the site acquisition and leasing of Plush Mill, a dilapidated brownfield site in a transitional area of Greenville, South Carolina. Dodson was tasked with transforming the historical textile mill and bringing new life and purpose to the three-acre property. She became part owner and developer, and invested, redeveloped, marketed, branded, and successfully leased the 24,500 square foot building as a co-working space to Serendipity Labs. The adjacent four acres are now planned for medical, retail, and workforce housing. The redevelopment of Plush Mill has provided jobs, sponsored memberships, offered a venue for events, local art, job/networking opportunities and green space for the local community.

2019 Entrepreneurial Spirit Impact Award Honoree

Molly Meyer 
CEO, Omni Ecosystems
CREW Chicago

(l-r) Vicky Gunning, CREW Network Recognition Committee Chair; Molly Meyer; Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO

The city of Chicago, Illinois faces significant environmental challenges:  stormwater overflow; brownfield remediation; and dwindling natural topsoil. Weather-related events routinely cause sewer overflow in which stormwater and sewage mix into the city’s drinking water source and flow into the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Meyer identified and seized an opportunity to advance the real estate industry by developing a solution for brownfields remediation and stormwater management. Her solution, Omni Terrain, is readily accessible, fiscally sensible, and ecologically advanced. It has received acceptance from Chicago officials, engineers, and property owners, and the Boston Water and Sewer Commission.


2019 Member-to-Member Impact Award Honoree

Kim Marks
Principal and Practice Leader, Progressive AE
CREW Charlotte

(l-r) Vicky Gunning, CREW Network Recognition Committee Chair; Kim Marks; Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO

For more than a decade, Marks has had a rewarding relationship with the leadership of global financial management firm Barings. When her company was awarded the fit out of Barings’ new world headquarters, spanning 205,000 square feet and seven floors in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, she turned to six fellow CREW members for help, leading to a successful outcome for both the client and her CREW partners. The Charlotte Business Journal recognized the project with a 2018 Heavy Hitters Commercial Real Estate award for commercial space buildout.

2019 Career Advancement for Women Impact Award Honoree

Quinn Texmo
Business Development, Turner Construction Company
CREW Omaha

(l-r) Vicky Gunning, CREW Network Recognition Committee Chair; Quinn Texmo; Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO

Motivated by CREW Network’s 2018 white paper on pay parity, Texmo prompted her company’s human resources department to analyze its payroll practices, which increased payroll by $500,000 annually to help close the gender pay gap. She shared her company’s story in local presentations, and an attendee contacted Texmo for advice about how to conduct a pay audit in her own firm. As a result, the architectural firm’s pay audit revealed a 50-75% pay disparity based on age, race and gender. Texmo has also developed a workshop on Negotiation Skills, which have demonstrated success.


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