Membership Processes: Training for Membership Teams

Date December 2, 2020
Location Zoom Conference
Time Noon - 1 PM (CST)

Fine tune your chapter's membership recruitment process

In this training, we will discuss all things related to membership, including recruiting members of varying ages, experience, ethnicity/origin, industry, and management levels—and best practices to ensure a quality, diverse membership composition. We will discuss:

  • Mid-year membership rules, rates, processes and chapter responsibilities
  • Best practices for vetting qualified membership applicants 
  • Membership Reciprocity Program details/processes and chapter responsibilities
  • Membership marketing do’s and don’ts

Who should attend?

Chapter leaders and membership or member service committee members should attend.

Featured speakers

Jenny Weissenbach

Jenny Weissenbach
Director of Member/Chapter Services, CREW Network

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Christa Lovitt

Christa Lovitt
Membership Coordinator, CREW Network

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