Jeremy McBride

Jeremy McBride
VP, Asset Management, GFI Hospitality

CREW Network Featured Speaker

As hospitality, technology and lifestyle product companies increasingly seek meaningful differentiation in a hyper-competitive consumer environment, brand extensions have become a go-to-market strategy of choice for those willing to undertake the considerable challenge. The ability for a restaurant or food and beverage company to expand into luxury hotels... the hospitality industry's recent foray into branded private jet travel... and the fitness industry's search for new global markets through apparel and nutritional supplements all speak to this rapidly-evolving trend.

Not surprisingly, it takes the right strategic and operational leader to helm a brand extension for a progressive mid-sized organization, and to do it with a commitment to innovation, consistent performance improvement and efficient cross-functional alignment.

At GFI Hospitality, Jeremy McBride is directly involved in both the asset management and development activities of the company. He has previously developed a leadership track record serving as the VP-level technology strategy liaison between multiple hospitality functions, including Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Organizational Development. McBride has worked with some of the premier names in the hospitality and hotel field, including Ace Hotels, Two Roads Hospitality (Commune and Destination Hotels); Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Wynn Resorts.

McBride will speak during the Friday General Session at the 2017 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace.