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2018 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace
Thursday, Oct. 18 from 3:30 – 5 pm

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Leveraging Productive Conflict™

Beth Hand, Leadership Hand, LLC


Conflict is a normal part of our professional lives. Learning to navigate and leverage it effectively is a leadership skill every individual should possess. As essential as it is, companies often don’t recognize the negative impact of unproductive conflict on culture, attraction and retention, and the bottom-line. Individuals often don’t have the skills which impacts their well-being, career advancement and productivity. But, the exciting fact is that leaders who know how to engage in productive conflict reap the benefits of better outcomes for everyone.

In this lively, educational session, you’ll get valuable insights into conflict, a 3-part framework with actionable strategies to navigate and leverage conflict more successfully. You will:

  • Learn the Productive Conflict Framework™ to help you prepare for and engage in conflict more effectively

  • Think through and apply it to a situation you’d like to resolve

  • Discover common red flags that indicate a conflict may be going off track and what to do when they occur

  • Learn the one question that can transform a conflict and put everything into perspective

Beth Hand is CEO of Leadership Hand, a leadership and strategic consulting company. She is the author of Hidden by Gender which helps women level the playing field in the corporate space and the marketplace. She has a global perspective and has worked with international companies on a variety of leadership issues. Hand’s unique approach keeps attendees engaged and connected through the session.

Consumer Driven Cities

Elissa Plotsky, Sendera Title
Rosemary Feenan, QuadReal Property Group
Mark Stapp, Arizona State University

Change is constant, however, what happens when everything is changing all at once?  Join us as we dig deep into how the changes in technology, global markets, and demographic shifts are impacting the way we live, work and play, which in turn impacts the way cities are developed to accommodate living space, office and retail. Join us as we discuss the Cities 2.0 report and how these simultaneous shifts are impacting business models and business strategy.