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Learning Excursion

Bronzeville's Rich History and Bright Future

Date SEPT. 22, 2022
Time 2:15 – 5:30 PM (CDT)
Fee$75 USD


Named Chicago's Black Metropolis from 1920-1940, Bronzeville was home to stories, architecture, and culture. Following WWII, the neighborhood fell into economic decline from disinvestment in public transport, redlining and outmigration from the city to suburbs.

Today Bronzeville is experiencing a rebirth! Major developments in the area are kickstarting an influx of residents and investment. Learn about Bronzeville's future at Omni Ecosystem's adaptive reuse building (owned by CREW Impact Award winner Molley Meyer) while enjoying views of Chicago's skyline, refreshments and networking.

Please note:

  • This tour includes mild walking.
  • Attendees will need to register, sign a safety waiver and social media acknowledgement upon arrival at Omni Ecosystems.
  • Learning excursions will depart from the 8th St. South Entrance.

Bernard Turner, Gallery Interpreter, Chicago History Museum
Bill Williams, Founder, KMW Communities
Molly Meyer, CEO and Founder, Omni Ecosystems

This tour is not ADA accessible