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Inspirational Leadership: Developing Leaders for the Future

Date SEPT. 22, 2022
Time 3:45 – 5 PM (CDT)
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Many corporate leaders have responded to increased uncertainty by avoiding many areas of leadership that involve risk, including innovation, empowerment, delegation, developing a leadership pipeline and leading necessary change. In many cases, leadership for the future empowers the team to examine itself and its relationship with stakeholders and to engage in thinking about how we can improve performance through innovation, coordination, constructive conflict and culture creation. In today’s business climate, vulnerability, building trust are essential leadership skills that allow you to be authentic, develop the culture, and communicate effectively with your team.

Attend this session and learn practical takeaways to implement to develop yourself and your team for what future leaders will need to be successful. There will be an assessment linked to this session in the CREW Network app. Be sure to assess yourself and your leadership skills to provide a starting point for skill-building.

Speaker: Todd Henshaw

Todd Henshaw

Henshaw is responsible for directing, designing and delivering Executive Leadership Programs at Wharton, currently the nation’s top business school.

He was a key architect of West Point’s Leader Development System and the inaugural director of the Eisenhower Leader Development Program at Columbia University. Henshaw draws on his military background and experience consulting to the world’s top companies to share powerful lessons in leadership with both global executives and MBA students.

He has worked to enhance leadership capacity in numerous global organizations, including General Electric, Glaxo Smith Kline, Coca-Cola, Bao Steel, Kuwait Ministry of Finance, Huawei, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Novartis, Penske, McKinsey, Bain and McKesson and the National Military Academy of Afghanistan.