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Leadership Meetings

Date JUNE 16, 2022
Time 3:30 – 5 PM (EDT)
FeeIncluded in Registration

Connect with CREW Network leaders

Organized by chapter and position, each leadership meeting group will discuss CREW Network initiatives, as well as chapter successes and challenges. You will have the opportunity to meet other chapter leaders, learn best practices to take back to your chapter, and network with professionals across the CRE industry.

Chapter delegates are required to attend these meetings; however, all attendees are welcome to join their respective groups:

Each CREW Network board member serves as a liaison to seven to 10 CREW Network chapters. As delegate of your chapter, you will meet with the CREW Network board liaison assigned to your chapter.

Chapter presidents (non-delegates)
Chapter presidents who are not representing their chapter as a delegate will meet with the CREW Network president.

General member
All other members in attendance will meet with the CREW Network Chief Member and Chapter Services Officer.