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Welcome and Professional Development Training: Sustaining Peak Career Engagement in CRE: Thrive Long-Term

Date FEB. 3, 2022
Time 9:30 AM – NOON (EST)
FeeIncluded in Registration

Enjoying a successful career in commercial real estate means mastering and leveraging a large set of professional skills and knowledge. It also requires keeping yourself healthy, motivated, and moving forward. This is no easy task for ambitious professional women. Most of us experience times when we feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled, or that we’re not living the life we want. How do we get from there to full engagement, a state of vitality, clarity, and capability? Thriving in our careers and personal lives over the long haul requires understanding what internal and external burnout risk factors you face, managing them effectively, and developing and implementing strategies for sustaining performance and well-being. Learn, plan, and share during this professional development session. You’ll leave with increased capability to shape your career and life to fit your vision.

By attending and participating in this session, you will:

  • Understand the burnout-engagement spectrum and what factors—internal and external—contribute to these states.
  • Identify your own burnout risk factors.
  • Appreciate and fine-tune what’s working: Leverage strengths, resources, and practices that boost engagement.
  • Cultivate increased engagement: Develop strategies and an action plan for experiencing more well-being and success with less stress.
  • Share experiences and strategies with other attendees.
  • Leave with a better understanding of our own particular challenges, connection with others experiencing similar challenges, a plan to increase thriving, and the confidence and commitment to bring it to life.



Monique Valcour
Monique Valcour builds people’s capacity to learn, engage, perform, and communicate at work while thriving in all domains of life. Her expertise is built on 20 years of experience designing and delivering executive education, combined with rigorous coach training, certification, and high-level coaching experience in multiple countries and industries. She has served as a management professor at EDHEC Business School (France) and Boston College (US).

Monique is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop facilitator renowned for her evidence-based, engaging, and energizing style. She helps leaders develop and leverage communication, leadership, and coaching skills to perform at their peak. She is highly skilled at helping leaders deepen their self-awareness, engage and energize their teams, and inspire and build commitment to shared purpose.

Monique provides thought leadership and advises on leadership development, coaching, career and talent management, communication, burnout prevention, and well-being. She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.