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Professional Development Training: Catalyze High Performance in Your Teams

Date FEB. 4, 2022
Time 8:30 AM – NOON (EST)
FeeIncluded in Registration

In today’s complex organizational environments, interdependent teamwork is not just desirable, but essential. Effective team-based collaboration drives agility, resilience, and adaptability, as well as employee satisfaction, engagement, and morale. Yet for many leaders, the challenge of managing the intricate dynamics of teams—on top of their other leadership responsibilities—can be daunting and overwhelming. The diversity of teaming theories, models, and principles available to leaders only adds to the confusion.

In this session, we’ll cut through that complexity to make the basics of teaming practical and accessible. You’ll learn a time-tested approach that distills team functioning into four interrelated dimensions, with concrete guidance you can implement right away to improve team performance. Live in the session, you’ll use this approach to assess the current strengths and opportunities of your team overall and your own team leadership.

You’ll leave this session with a new understanding of:

  • Four key dimensions of team functioning, grounded in more than 25 years of theory and practice
  • Your team’s specific strengths and opportunities in each of the four dimensions
  • Team leadership capabilities required to catalyze team high performance
  • Indicators of your own team leadership strengths and opportunities
  • Common “hot spots” that can make or break team functioning, and the corresponding team leadership behaviors you can cultivate to overcome them


Kimberly Parsons

Kimberly Parsons
Kimberley believes that great teams are at the root of business results and great leaders use the power of their leadership to fuel, not frustrate the effectiveness of teams. As an executive and team coach, she partners with leaders to establish shared vision, navigate organizational complexity, and enhance team trust and practices that enables teams to reach higher levels of performance and results.